Clean up all weeds and other entangled items within the scope of the pile


Position the piles in a triangle shape, the distance between the pile and the column is 3-5 meters, and the soil depth is 0. The unique flower-shaped spiral impeller and the annular pontoon can make the output water erupt upward, causing the water body in a certain area to be boiling, thus improving the water body’s interaction with the air during the eruption process. 

However, many fish farms and users lack scientificity in using pond aerators, which will directly affect the use of aerators. Turn on before dawn At this time, the air pressure is low, fish and various animals and plants have consumed oxygen overnight, and the dissolved oxygen in the pool can be quickly restored to more than 4 milligrams after turning on for 1-2 hours. The glued thread ends must be fixed on the wooden post, and the wiring part is about 0. Line requirements Use high-quality cables of more than 1.

 At the same time, the water directly passes through the motor and the reducer when it erupts upwards, so that the motor and the reducer can work for a long time without heating under the cooling of the water, which eliminates the common problems of heating, current increase, and burnout caused by the motor for a long time. It has a good role in preventing and reducing fish floating heads, preventing flooding, improving pond water quality, increasing fish feeding, and increasing production.

Clean up all weeds and other entangled items within the scope of the pile.With the continuous development of fish farming, intensive and high-yield aquaculture technology has been widely used, and fish production has greatly increased. To master the correct method of use, automatic fish feeder Supplies in addition to the above-mentioned measures to select the best start-up time, it must also be used flexibly depending on the location, season, and weather. 

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The aeration device of the biological entrainment oxidation method sewage treatment


Accessories description: 1 plug, 2 stainless steel clamp, 3 aerator body, 4 aerator micro-hole, 5 connector, 6 gasket Ⅰ, 7 gasket Ⅱ, 8 central pipe, 9 air distribution pipe, 10 elbow plate , The lubricating oil is too thick or too thin is also the cause of this problem, this is because in addition to a small part of the heat generated by the main bearing is conducted away by the metal, a large amount of the heat pond aerators is carried away by the lubricating oil. When the lubricating oil is too thick, the fluidity is very poor and the heat cannot be taken away in time, causing the main bearing to heat up.5mm and a spacing of 2×2.5mm, which can produce uniform tiny bubbles with a diameter of 1-3mm. 

Treatment, the aeration device of the biological entrainment oxidation method sewage treatment and the pre-aeration of the regulating tank, have been widely used in the plug flow and hybrid aeration tanks of the biochemical treatment, and have been welcomed by people. Extrusion or compression molding is used for lengths below 580mm, and extrusion molding is used for lengths greater than 580mm. The aeration pipe is not a relatively common equipment, but it plays a very important role in the aquaculture industry. When the air supply is terminated, the membrane will immediately return to its original shape. 

The outer diameter of the tubular aerator is 69mm, and the conventional ones are 580mm, 800mm and 1000mm. It can automatically prevent backflow from the air inlet. There is a 15mm long non-porous area on the top of the membrane tube. Aeration diaphragm, support pipe, air pipe. The membrane tube is perforated with a size of 1.. This product is suitable for the activated sludge biochemical process of large, medium and small industrial wastewater and urban domestic sewage. 

The lubricating oil is too thick or too thin because the oil type is not selected properly, or the oil type is basically suitable, which is also the main reason.What is the fitting structure of the aeration pipe of aquatic aerator? Let us briefly introduce you. When the lubricating oil is too thin, because the oil film of liquid friction cannot be formed, the gold chips will directly cause friction, so the heat will be quickly generated

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Realize ecological aquaculture and ensure the benefits of aquaculture


The company looks forward to your visit and patronage, thank you for your support. The following is an analysis by Zhangqiu Longxiang Machinery Co. are: aquatic aerators, aerators, Roots aerators, etc. The installation of aeration Roots fans for fish ponds in the aquaculture industry can solve the problem of lack of oxygen in pond aquaculture. 

Sufficient dissolved oxygen enables the water body to establish a natural ecosystem and make the water alive. Aquatic Product Aerator and everyone about the advantages of aeration Roots blower for fish ponds:  Restore the self-purification function of the water body: the microporous aeration and oxygenation is the bottom oxygenation, while the other aeration is the surface oxygenation, and the aquaculture water body is mainly the bottom hypoxia, the bottom of the water body is deposited with mud, organic excrement, and residual deterioration Difficult organics such as bait will consume a lot of oxygen, and sufficient microporous aeration will increase oxygen to convert it into organic matter dissolved and decomposed by microorganisms, so that the water self-purification function can be restored. 

 Due to the air bubbles generated by the ultramicro cell pores of the nano aeration tube, the contact surface with water in the water body is extremely Large, low floating flow rate and long contact Jet Aerators Manufacturers time, so the oxygen mass transfer efficiency is extremely high. The problem of fish floating heads, now aquaculture industry will use oxygen-enhancing Roots blowers, which can eliminate harmful gases, promote convective exchange of water bodies, improve water quality conditions, reduce feed coefficients, increase fish pond activity and primary productivity, thereby increasing stocking density. 

Realize ecological aquaculture and ensure the benefits of aquaculture: The continuous oxygenation of micropores provides sufficient dissolved oxygen for the water body, and the self-purification ability of the water body can be restored and improved.Due to the use of Roots blower microporous aeration and aeration device, the oxygen mass transfer efficiency is extremely high, which can greatly save the electricity cost of farmers.Aquatic product aerator description 4.  

Increase the feeding intensity of the breeding objects, promote growth, greatly increase the yield per mu, and fully achieve the purpose of increasing income from breeding. Fully activate the water body: The microporous aeration and oxygenation device seems to turn the water body into hundreds of millions of creeks surging and rolling.The main products of Zhangqiu Longxiang Machinery Co

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